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Living room

The living room has long been regarded not only as a place to relax at home, but as a meeting place for the whole family. myfelt rugs create a cosy atmosphere and add an aesthetic touch to this important central area of life and living.

Felt rugs »Experience a completely unique feeling of living with a myfelt rug.«

High-quality carpets made of felt in traditional handicraft.

myfelt rugs enrich the living room in a natural way as flat felt rugs or classic felt ball rugs made of 100% pure new wool. A large selection of colours and shapes allow for a harmonious and personal furnishing of the living room.

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Felt pebbles and poufs in many colours and sizes »Practical, handy & high quality«.

The plain-coloured myfelt poufs and the realistic-looking felt pebbles are not only ideal as high-quality decorative elements in the living room. They are also popular as comfortable and natural cushions or as a soft stool for autogenic training, yoga and meditation and are available in various sizes.

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Decorative details »Beautiful accessories made of felt for more joie de vivre«.

Even small decorative elements can visibly enhance the living space.

Whether puristic or multifaceted - accessories and decorative items make the living room a particularly personal and authentic living space. Small discreet highlights or colorful eye-catchers create their own unique living character. myfelt felt baskets and our various natural felt accessories are made of 100% virgin wool and are an honest statement for sustainability.